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Come visit our showroom and check out our new Moonbounces at 2222 Commerce Rd in Forest Hill, Maryland.

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Monday - Friday 9 to 5

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Application for donations/discounts!

Party Party takes great pride in supporting the communities we serve. Please find below, the Party Party donation/discount application. All applications must be submitted a minumum of eight weeks prior to your event date to be properly reviewed and appear on our agenda. We understand your commitment and dedication to your organization and in order to give your request the in-depth review that it deserves, we must requeire this lead-time for adequate study. The Donation Committee wil consider your appllication and you will recieve a wrriten decidion within four weeks of being submitted.

Our donation/discount request form is brief and specific; please fill it out completely so that the pertinent information we need is readily available. Due to the high volume of requests that we receive, this procedure is the most expedient way for you to present your request and have it properly reviewed. This program is part of our yearly marketing and advertising budget. as such, we have reasonable expectations that any approved donations will afford us the opportunities to develop future business with either attendees or supporters of your event. Any assurances that you can provide this opportunity to us will enhance our consideration of your request.

Please fill out the form below to submit your application!

General Information
Name of Organization:
Organization Phone Number:
Contact Person:
Contact Person Phone Number:

The Event
Name of Event:
Est. # of Attendees:
Annual Event?:
Since What Year:
Type of Event (i.e. dinner, festival, fun run):
How does this Event benefit our community?:
How do you intend to promote the event?:

The Donation
What type of donation/discount is requested?
Type of equipment needed and quantities requesting?: Equipment Party/Event
Please list items:
Will Party Party be promoted with the Event if a donation or discount is provided:
If yes, in what manor?:
Is camera ready artwork needed:
If yes, by what date?:
In exchange for any approved donation or discount would your organization be willing to do any of the following?
Provide Party Party a sponsorship with equal value of the donation:
Provide Party Party table or attendee tickets equal to the value of the donation:
Provide Party Party the attendee list with contact information:
Recognize Party Party from the podium during your event:
Party Party is permitted to publish a press release recognizing our support of your event, after approval from your organization
Party Party is permitted to mention and/or showcase pictures about the event/sponsorship in their marketing materials after approval from your organization
Note: Party Party requests for a copy of all final marketing collateral used in the promotion of the event.
Do you have a major or presenting sponsor?:
If yes, who?:
Other sponsors?:  
1. $ Amount:
2. $ Amount:
3. $ Amount:
Has the organization previously request a donation/discount from Party Party:
Date of last request:
Was the request granted?:
If yes, what amount:

Your Organization
Is your organization Tax Exempt under IRS Code Section 501(c)3?:
Non-profit Taxpayer's ID Number:
Legal Name of Organization:
What rental company(s) does the organization currently use?:
What is the mission statement, or purpose, of the organization:
Does the organization primarily serve a particular ethnic, religious, or age group; or any other group with a "common bond" (i.e. families with preschool children etc.):
What percentage of each of the following groups does the organization serve?:
% low-income:
% moderate-income:
% middle & upper income families

Terms and conditions of Donations/Sponsorships: Party Party has a limited budget for charitable donations. All organizations requesting a donation or sponsorship, monetary or otherwise, must fill out a Donations/Sponsorship Request Form. The DSR Form will be reviewed by a committee of Party Party. All Donation/Sponsorship Request Forms must be submitted 28 days proper to the event for consideration. IF your donation request is approved, you must adhere to the following:

  • A credit card is required on all orders for security damage purposes
  • A signed order confirmation sheet must be received 14 days proper to the event
  • Changes/Cancellation of order can be made up to 14 days proper to the event; all additions must be approved
  • If order is cancelled less than 14 days proper to the event, ordering customer will be charged 50% of the regular rental value as a cancellation fee.
  • Party Party must be mentioned in any print media associated with the event and a copy of the media must be sent to Party Party
  • If appropriate for the event, a Party Party banner will be provided for display
  • Party Party does not donate delivery or other labor fees and may charge applicable cleaning/labor charges
  • Al donations must be evaluated on a case by case basis for approval

I agree to the terms and conditions and wish my donation request to be considered

Print Name:
Electronic Signature: