What areas do you serve?

Party Party is based in Forest Hill, Maryland. From here we service the greater Baltimore Metropolitan Area, including Towson, Cockeysville, Baltimore City, Abingdon, Lutherville, Aberdeen, and Bel Air. We will generally place tents anywhere in Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania. For anything outside this area, please call our office and we will be happy to discuss special accommodations.

When is the best time to book my order?
We recommend booking and reserving rental equipment as soon as possible. 9-12 months in advance is recommended for large orders. Especially during our peak months May-June and September-October. A reservation retainer is required to guarantee rental inventory.
Can I still adjust my order after I’ve made a reservation?
Absolutely! You may adjust your order up to 1 week before your event, but we can’t guarantee rental availability. Cancellations and reductions within a week of the event will still require payment in full.
How do I reserve my order?
Call, email, or stop by our showroom to place your order. We require a 50% reservation retainer to book equipment.
Is my reservation retainer refundable?
No, reservation retainers are non-refundable.
Is there an order minimum?
No, we do not have order minimums.
When is final payment due?
Final payment is due 1 week prior to your event date.
Do you deliver?
Yes! We deliver all over the state of Maryland, and Southern Pennsylvania.
How much does delivery cost?
Our delivery fees are based on mileage and labor hours on the road. Pricing varies from area to area.
Do I have to be home for delivery?
No! You do not need to be home for delivery. We do need a signed contract before hand, which can be done online with our sign and rent software. The delivery crew will drop items in a pre-determined spot and take a picture to verify delivery.
Do you do site inspections?
Yes! Tent site inspections are free and are standard for larger orders. We can also provide CAD drawings to help with planning.
Do I need to clean my rental items before returning?
All items should be free of food and debris upon return. All dinnerware and flatware must be rinsed and returned in the racks/crates they are delivered in. Linens should be packed in the sacks that are provided. Linens should also be dry before bagging to prevent mildew and staining.
Do I need to get a permit for my tent?
This answer depends on the type of event you’re planning and where it is located. Harford County codes requires any commercial event to acquire a permit for any tent over 400sq/ft. This code varies from county to county. All of our tents are certified flame retardant.
What is the best way to arrange the layout inside my tent?
This varies based on the size and purpose of your event, along with what accessories you plan on having inside your tent. To help you best visualize how things will look inside your tent, we offer CAD drawings at no additional cost. This will allow you the best opportunity to fine tune your layout, whether that is to maximize guest seating, find the perfect location for your dance floor or anything in-between.

Examples: 20×20, 20×30, 20×40

What size tent do I need?

This depends on the event and what you plan to put under your tent. Here is a guide to help with planning:

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